Magic Mushroom Spore Syringe


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Spores are supplied in 10cc B-D syringes with removable sterile tip cap attached and a sterility packaged 1.5 inch 16 gauge needleEach Microscopy Kit will include one glass microscope slide, cover slip, cardboard protective case, and instructions on how to properly view your spores under a microscope. Every request containing spores for microscopy will receive one microscopy slide kit per order. Quantity and wholesale discounts available, click on each item for more information and detailed pricing.

Who doesn’t know the B+ magic mushroom? This all-round cubensis is one of the strongest “survivors” on the market. Because the B+ is so resilient, it can even grow well in colder temperatures and can easily be spawned outside. B+ can grow mushrooms as long as your underarm. B+ is so efficient that it only stops fruiting when there are close to zero nutrients around and the mycelium can no longer be supported. When you are new to mycology, this strain is a very good one to start off with.

Also available in a 10ml spore vial.

Far and away the most popular strain for beginners and veterans alike!  This magnificent strain consistently delivers the goods.  Easy to work with, always enlightening!

Spore Syringe – 10mL spore solution syringe with one sterile, individually wrapped 1.5″x16G needle.

*** These spores are intended for microscopy and taxonomy purposes only.  All images contained on this site are for informational and educational reference only.  Cultivation of psilocybe genera mushrooms is illegal in many countries.  Possession of these mushroom spores may be illegal in CA, ID, and GA without the proper permissions.  Familiarize yourself with the laws in your area prior to purchase.  Exceptions based on specific locations and/or DEA licensing may apply, so always feel free to inquire about your specific situation.  However, we are not lawyers and therefore can not give legal advice or recommendations.

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Fiji cubensis Mushroom Spores, Albino A+ psilocybe cubensis, Amazonian PES psilocybe cubensis, Cambodia psilocybe cubensis, Ecuador psilocybe cubensis, Golden Teacher, Mazatapec psilocybe cubensis, Mckennaii psilocybe cubensis, Mexicana psilocybe cubensis, Mondo psilocybe cubensis, Nepal Chitwan psilocybe cubensis, Pensacola psilocybe cubensis, Thai ‘ Ban Hua ‘ Psilocybe cubensis, Treasure Coast psilocybe cubensis, ‘Burma’ cubensis, B+ Cubensis, Orissa India cubensis, Penis Envy cubensis, PES Hawaii cubensis, Red Boy cubensis, Texas cubensis


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