Short Dated Magic Mushroom Grow Kit


Get yourself a good deal on these Short Dated Magic Mushroom Grow Kit. The best before date is getting close and we do not want to waste them and throw them away when the time comes.All our mycelium grow kits are ordered from professional suppliers that produce the Short Dated Magic Mushroom Grow Kit freshly on our behalf. Shipment to us is overnight in specialised cooled transport and within two hours after we have received the kits, the grow kits are labeled and stored in our industrial sized cooled climate rooms.

Buy a Short Dated Magic Mushroom Grow Kit for a reduced price. Growing mushrooms is easy! Estimating what our valued customers will purchase is less straightforward. Sometimes random strains will get close to their maximum shelf life but still can produce plenty magic mushrooms.

We do not like to throw out good grow kits, therefore we offer them for a reduced price before they expire. Order today and receive a random cubensis magic mushroom grow kit.

No replacements on short dated kit.This kit arrived contaminated already. It ended up giving no mushrooms at all. I should have contacted the customer service right when the kit arrived since it had white spots but i trusted the shop for it being alright.The mushrooms were quite small and light compared to another kit I had. The inside of the stem was hollow for example, which the other kit did not have, but this is maybe due to the strain difference? Basically the hollow stem made them lighter… First harvest produced alot of side and underpins which was solved by putting the cake on its side and having it fruit from all sides. I would probably recommend to get a mono tub and put the cake in there instead of the bag though. All together I got 4 flushes out this kit and it now seems spent.Great price, they emerged even faster than ‘normal’ set. Also, you may get surprise in form of bigger growing kit.


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