2c-b Drug


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2c-b Drug is normally sold as pills or powders, with pills having different colours and logos similar to ecstasy. 2C-B can be swallowed, snorted and less commonly smoked. 2C drugs can also be found in liquid form but at present this is less common.

As a sort of meeting point between stimulants and psychedelics, 2C-B can induce a variety of experiences and effects in the user. The most commonly reported effects include euphoria, emotions of humor, empathy, enhanced visual perception, stimulation, eroticism, and spiritual ideation. As with the vast majority of psychoactive substances, there are negative effects. Similar to cocaine, 2C-B can induce chills, nausea, muscle spasms, confusion, insomnia/restlessness, visual effects, overwhelming emotions, paranoia, and decreased appetite.The drug’s effects have the potential to make emotions in the user more extreme than normal. While it’s true that 2C-B is more empathogenic, it also increases the strength of emotional reactions to negative stimuli in clinical settings. There’s a possibility of purchasing impure pills from a dealer, leading to bizarrely different reactions than expected for users. Most of the 2c-b Drug supply currently on the streets is generally regarded as remarkably pure in comparison to other illicit substances, though this could trend in the same direction as the current black market MDMA supply at any time due to a marked decrease in dealer and manufacturer integrity.The optimal dose of 2C-B, or any other psychedelic that produces clinically therapeutic levels of visual or emotional effects, is called a “museum dose/level”. Taken orally, it can last up to 5 hours at full effect. Most effect durations lie between 4 to 8 hours after taking the drug. 2C-B is most similar to MDMA and LSD, without the significant psychedelic effects of LSD and more empathogenic than MDMA.Throughout the 1980s, 2C-B remained a popular unscheduled (and therefore legal) substitute for MDMA. In January 1994, the drug was scheduled by the US Government, followed by a permanent scheduling in June 1995. In 2018, Kanye West gave awareness about the somewhat obscure psychedelic drug’s existence a boost when he referenced it on his album Ye before seeking medical help for drug abuse.

2c-b Drug

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